Compression Therapy

There are several options for compression therapy for vein treatment. The two methods most commonly used are compression bandaging and elastic graduated compression hosiery (support stockings).

The Cardiovascular Institute: Vein Clinic

Compression Bandaging

Usually used when varicose veins produce symptoms of leg ulcers, compression bandaging utilizes a multi-layer system to bind, pad, and compress. Elasticized bandages provide graduated compression with the highest pressure placed on the ankle where it is most needed. Bandages may be left on or reapplied for several weeks until swelling has dissipated in the affected vein area.

Compression Hosiery/Support Stockings

Elastic compression stockings are classified into different levels based on the amount of pressure placed on the ankle. Measurements of the lower leg should be taken to ensure proper fitting. Properly fitted stockings will produce an effective graduation in pressure and be comfortable to wear; they should not cause discomfort or trauma.

You should consult a doctor about which type of compression is best for you. Proper measurements are required to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and inappropriate compression may worsen vein symptoms. Ask about our customized options for compression stockings.

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