Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy


The Cardiovascular Institute: Vein Clinic

Specialists in the field generally agree that varicose veins should be injected from the deeper surface varicose veins to the very superficial ones, and that the larger veins should be treated before the smaller ones. Ultrasound-Guided Foam Sclerotherapy – is effective in treating even very dilated varicose veins.

Endovenous Chemical Ablation (E.C.A.)

Ultrasound-guided injections are mainly required when the long and short saphenous veins, their tributaries (offshoots) and the perforator veins are not working properly (large varicose veins).

Rare Cases

Nowadays, only about 5 per cent of patients with large varicose veins require surgery (“stripping”) or surgical endovenous laser.

Doppler Ultrason Exam

Ultrasound allows us to evaluate both the deep and superficial vein systems, and to diagnose phlebitis (blood clots) as well as any insufficiency of the system. We can measure the size of the dilated varicose veins, hear and see the reflux of the blood going downwards through the malfunctioning valves of the varicose veins.

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy eliminates the point of reflux in a varicose vein by injecting a solution or more recently a sclerosing foam into a precise spot; that causes the varix to close up.

A Safe and Efficient Method

For more than 20 years when performed properly – with the latest equipment – varicose vein treatment using Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy or Endovenous Chemical Ablation (ECA) gives excellent results, is very safe and rarely produces any serious complications.


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